Wanted: Self driven software developer

People we are looking for have an endless desire to learn, ambition towards high quality software and talent to take us to the next level.

We strive to follow modern software development methodologies and best practices, all while remembering that people are our most valuable asset.

You will be developing our browser based invoicing software, used by tens of thousands of happy entrepreneurs in five countries.

Still interested? Great, read on! Our team is already waiting for you.

The job (not the TV-series)

Automated testing, peer review of code using GitHub, and continuous learning are all part of our daily routine. Static analysis? Check. Infrastructure as code? Check. This ad in version control? Check. One-click deployment, Continuous Integration, Agile? Yes, yep, yup.

You will be part of our small team developing our financial management software for entrepreneurs, used by thousands of happy customers in five (and counting...) countries. You will work both on the back-end and the front-end, but the focus can vary depending on your skill set.

You will be in an excellent position to influence the development of the product all the way from the database layer to the user interface. Our team communicates directly with the marketing team, customer representatives and other persons from different business areas. So no isolation here in Isolta.

As you can see, we don't have an exact role to fulfill but instead we are looking for a perfect match to make our development team even more kick-ass group of enthusiastic professionals!

We would love to hear from you if:

  • you think you would boost our team to the next level
  • you think yourself more like a product person than a project person
  • you have a passion for continuously learning new things
  • you want to share the things you've learned with others

Technologies and languages we use include:

  • ES6 and React
  • GitHub and Travis CI
  • PHP7 and Symfony
  • MariaDB, Doctrine ORM
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Ansible
  • AWS (e.g., EC2, RDS, SNS, SES and S3)

We don't expect you to master all of the technologies or languages mentioned, but we do expect you to be excited by the prospect of learning them! We value experience and generalizable skills, and believe a talented developer will have no problem picking up new skills. And we really like you to question our existing solutions, processes, tools and technologies.

Do you want to see what you would be developing?

You can create an account to our software with few clicks and test it out. See how it works and maybe try sending a test invoice (all the feedback about the software and registration process is highly appreciated).

Maybe you end up making the software even better yourself! https://www.isolta.fi/en/start-invoicing

Wanted: Self driven software developer

Awesome place to work - flavored with splendid culture

We haven't really seen many people leave our company (to be precise, only two persons have changed the working place during these 15 years). Instead, we have had new people coming in with steady pace. So one could assume we do things right (at least in our opinion).

Here in Isolta everyone is equal and we truly believe in flat organization. Everyone has responsibilities with the freedom to carry out these responsibilities most suitable way to him or herself. The foundation of our culture lies in four main elements

Freedom, Responsibility, Coaching, Vision

To learn more about us and our way of work, check out our About Us -page.

People are our most valuable asset - we offer for you

Place in a compact team

You will be important part of the team with commitment to make the best financial management service.

Financially stable employer

Isolta has an AAA-credit rating with proven track record of steady growth.

Competitive salary

We also pay compensation for your work efforts. In real money.

Extensive healthcare

Our employees are part of extensive healthcare with wide insurance policy. We want our employees to be healthy and safe.

Lunch benefit

Brains need some fuel. That's why we also provide a lunch benefits for our employees.

Public transportation benefit

Even though we encourage people to use bicycle or run / walk to work, we provide a public transportation benefit.

Office with great location

Our recently renovated office is located in Kalevankatu, next to Forum and Stockmann within good reach of public transportation.

Free choice of equipment

Use the equipment you want. Everyone gets a motorized desk and a good chair.

Occasional remote working

As long as work is getting done and we get results, it is okay to work remotely occasionally

Sounds awesome, where and how do I apply?

Send your application and CV to jobs@isolta.com
Don't be shy to include a link to your GitHub profile if you have one!

For more information, contact Ilkka Happonen / ilkka.happonen@isolta.com
(If you want to go through questions / get more information on phone, just send me a message and we can schedule suitable time)