How does electronic invoicing work?

Electronic invoicing has never been easier

We promise that with Isolta, anyone can send electronic invoices. You don’t need any separate agreements with electronic invoicing operators. In Isolta service, all users have instant access to electronic invoicing.

No credit card. No commitments.

Sending and receiving e-invoices

With Isolta, you can send and receive all your invoices as e-invoices. By sending your invoices as e-invoices, you can be more sure that you will receive the money for your products or services. You speed up the processing of purchase invoices by receiving them as e-invoices and paying for them using either a QR code or a virtual barcode.

Sending e-invoices

Learn more about how to make your sales more efficient with e-invoicing.

Receiving e-invoices

Learn more about e-invoicing to speed up the processing of your purchase invoices.

Get to know e-invoicing

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Invoice journey to your customer


There are three ways to send an invoice electronically: e-invoice, email, or printing service.

1. An invoice sent as an e-invoice will be forwarded by our partner Apix to your customer’s e-invoice operator. Then the e-invoice operator delivers the invoice to your customer. Usually, an invoice received as an e-invoice goes to be read directly into the recipient’s invoice or accounting software.

2. If you send he invoice via email, your customer will receive an email from where they can open the invoice by clicking the link on the email. The invoice can be downloaded as a PDF file or printed. The invoice itself is therefore not directly attached to the email but behind a separate link. This allows you to track whether your customer has opened the invoice or not, from Show invoice events inside your Isolta account. Read more about email invoicing on our support page.

3. An invoice sent through the printing service will be printed, put in an envelope and mailed on your behalf. Apix’s partner handles the printing and putting it into an envelope, but the Post will eventually deliver the invoice. Delivery time is about 4 working days.

Receiving e-invoices

As an Isolta’s user, you can receive e-invoices directly through the e-invoice operator (Apix) to your Isolta account. In order to receive e-invoices, you need to provide your supplier with your e-invoice address and operator code, which you will find from your Isolta account. Once you receive an e-invoice, you can pay it by reading either scanning a QR code or a virtual barcode from the invoice. The service does not yet have an actual bank connection for payment. However, bank connection feature can be found in the Procountor Solo service, which is built based on Isolta. Learn more about Solo.

Benefits of e-invoicing

You can print, save your invoice as a PDF or send it via email. The post office will deliver your invoice to your customer. So why do you need e-invoicing? Here are a few good reasons.

Why send e-invoices?

It’s cheaper than paper invoicing.

Speeds up the invoice sending.

Minimizes billing errors.

You can serve your customers better.

Why receive e-invoices?

Makes paying bills easy.

Saves you a lot of time.

Decreases the risk of forgetting to pay your bills.

Keeps your sales and costs neatly in one place.

“Easy to use! The transition to electronic invoicing is very easy, even I knew how to do it”

Electronic invoicing reduces unnecessary paperwork, saves your nerves and nature. Get started with Isolta and electronic invoicing today and start hassle-free invoicing.

No credit card. No commitments.

You choose which way to send the invoice

There are several ways to send an electronic invoice:

  • E-invoice, in which case the invoice goes electronically to your customer’s invoice or accounting software.
  • Email, in which case the invoice is sent to your customer’s e-mail.
  • Printing service, in which case you will send te invoice electronically, but your customer will receive it on paper.

All Isolta’s users have access to electronic invoicing without complicated agreements with third parties.

“Especially the introduction of e-invoicing was easy. And you can try it for almost free.”

Start e-invoicing within minutes

You can send your first e-invoice right after you register to Isolta. No need for separate agreements with einvoice operators.

No credit card. No commitments.