Most important tools for invoicing

Inside Isolta, you will find powerful and easy-to-use tools for invoicing, sales and customer relationship management. You can send and receive e-invoices. In addition to these, you have access to vide variety of additional services to ensure that you receive the money in your account and that your customers stay happy.

Sending invoices

Creating and sending invoices has never been so easy! Send them to your customer either electronically or on paper.

“Easy interface, sending invoices works easier than I could have hoped.”

Receiving e-invoices

Get your purchase invoices to Isolta as e-invoices to and from there to payment. No letters lost by the mailman or PDFs in spam. With e-invoices, you can make sure you get the invoices.

Keep track of your sales

Mark payments to invoices that are paid and send reminders for ones that are overdue. This makes it easy to keep your ledger up-to-date and to send sales reports to your accountant too.

Customer relationships

Keep track of your customer relationships by tracking their purchases from you and what you have agreed with them.

No credit card. No commitments.

Sending and receiving e-invoices

With Isolta, you can send and receive all your invoices as e-invoices. By sending your invoices as e-invoices, you can be more sure that you will receive the money for your products or services. You speed up the processing of purchase invoices by receiving them as e-invoices and paying for them using either a QR code or a virtual barcode.

Sending e-invoices

Learn more about how to make your sales more efficient with e-invoicing.

Receiving e-invoices

Learn more about e-invoicing to speed up the processing of your purchase invoices.

Get to know e-invoicing

Want to know what exactly is an e-invoice? Read more here.

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Easy invoicing with useful features

Customer register

The service retrieves your business customer contact details automatically when you add a new customer. Save them to your Isolta’s customer register, and make your invoicing easy.

Product register

Keep your hourly rates, products and services in Isolta’s product register. Add them to the invoice directly and save time making invoices.

Sending invoices

Send the invoice as your customer wants it. Download the invoice as a PDF or take advantage of electronic invoicing options: e-invoice, email or print service.

Useful reports

Download reports that help you (and your accountant) to keep track on your sales. You can download sales reports on sent invoices, payments and receivables.

Additional services

We have built, together with our partners, a useful set of additional services to support invoicing. They allow you to get the most out of Isolta. Whether it is checking your customer’s ability to pay, invoicing methods or getting money for your invoice before it’s actually paid.

Sending E-invoices

With Isolta, everyone can send e-invoices! Register within minutes and send out your first e-invoice at an affordable price, without separate agreements with e-invoicing operators.

Receiving E-invoices

Handling bills can be time-consuming. With Isolta and the help of e-invoices, it is quick and easy. This will ensure that your invoices are paid on time and that all invoices stay in the same place. You do not need a separate agreement with the e-invoicing operator. You will get an e-invoice address and operator code immediately.

Invoice Financing

Isolta Kassaturva is an invoice financing service that helps you get the money straight after sending your invoice. This way, you have more means to invest in your business activities now than when your business customer pays the invoice.

Collection Service

With the help of Isolta Debt Collection, you can outsource the reminder and collection of individual invoices to a reliable collection agency.

Payment Control

Isolta’s Payment Control service handles the monitoring of payments on invoices on your behalf. The service includes payment reminders and the collection of overdue invoices. When using this service, it automatically applies to all invoices you send so you can focus on your business.


Calculating and paying salaries is a breeze with Isolta’s Payroll. All you need to do is enter the amount, and the service will calculate everything for you. It also handles all the necessary tax payments and official notifications for you.

Check Payment Defaults

Isolta is connected to Bisnode’s business information system. This will allow you to check if your business customer has any default entries. This way you can make sure your customer is able to pay before you enter into a contract with them.

Printing Service

The printing service will print, put it into an envelope and sends the invoice via post for you. You will send the invoice electronically, but your customer will receive it on paper.

Start invoicing within minutes

You can start sending invoices right away. Or first, try and learn more about Isolta’s features. The account is free by default when you start using it.

No credit card. No commitments.