Most important tools for invoicing and customers relationship management

Send invoices electronically or send them yourself, keep track of your customers and send reports to your bookkeeper. You can also create offers, check customer payment defaults and monitor the status of your invoices (due, paid, unpaid, drafts)

Use anywhere and anytime with any device. As long as you have a web browser you’re good to go. Your information is always with you. Start invoicing for free or read more below.

Easy invoicing with comprehensive tools

Use Contact Register to create invoices faster

When you enter the name of the company you're invoicing, Isolta will fill it in for you.

Use Contact Register to create invoices faster

Use an invoice as a template

Invoicing can be made faster in many ways. The most common way is to utilize invoice templates or to copy an old invoice as a new one. This way, you don't need to enter the same information every time.

Use an invoice as a template

Add invoice rows from a Product Register

Products and services can be conveniently stored into the Product Register during their first use. When you start filling invoice rows while creating your next invoice, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Add invoice rows from a Product Register

Confirm and send the invoice

Send it yourself or through our electronic invoicing service (email, e-invoice, printing service) - whichever way your customer wants to receive the invoice.

Confirm and send the invoice

Always send invoices the way your customer wants to receive them

Can you send me an electronic invoice?

Yep. Can do!

Just send it to me in an email

Email incoming!

I don't want any electronic invoicing thingamabobs. Could you just send it to me in paper form?

Of course!

From Isolta, you can send an invoice traditionally by mail or modernly in electronic form. You can find more information about electronic invoicing here.

Customer management (CRM)

You are an entrepreneur. You have customers (or you won't be an entrepreneur for long). How do you keep track of your customers' purchases, contacts and the things you have promised?

In a calendar?
By e-mail?
In your notebook?
In an Excel file?
In your head?

From now on, all information about every interaction between you and each of your customers should be stored in Isolta. Why? Because it already contains information about the customer's purchases. E-mails, notes and other things that have been agreed upon can also be conveniently stored there.


Is your customer's credit good?

The Isolta service is connected directly to Bisnode's services. This allows an automatic search for the customer's address information based on its name only.

With Bisnode integration, you can also check for bad credit directly from Bisnode's database. One search costs 2 €. A report will be stored to the Contact Register.

Reporting to your accountant

All companies have an accounting responsibility, and the entrepreneur is responsible for implementing it. In our experience, it's often best to do accounting together with an expert. We recommend sending finished reports to an accounting firm. This will make the accountant's job easier, which will save time and accounting costs.

Isolta gives you a clear accounting report every month, with which your accountant is able to log all sales events in a few entries.

Works on different devices

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device. As long as you have a web browser you’re golden.

Entrepreneurs favourite

Over 30 000 satisfied entrepreneurs are using Isolta's services.

Proven security

Isolta is up to the highest level of security. Audited by The Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association.

Free customer service

We have a team of invoicing specialists helping you at every step of the way

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